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But no, I don't regret any of it. In fact, I think I'll draw a lot more in the near future. :D

I was supposed to upload these days ago, but times got busy, and Japanese cooking videos and Let's Plays got a lot of my attention. ^^; Whoops. But anyway, here they are now!

Warning: The pictures are rather big! And there are many of them!

It seems they updated the cut since the last time I posted. Hm.Collapse )

Please do tell me what you think! ^^
Something random: Though it's two days late and I've already said it through Tumblr, happy 49th birthday Tori Amos~! :'D Thank you so much for the music and the creative inspiration this past year. I hope for many more birthdays for you, and many more years as an EWF for me. <33333

And more happy stuff: I finished another fic some time ago~! It's really special for me too, because it's also my first kinkmeme fill! It was really fun to do~

Title: Goodbye Pisces
Author: naturethezafara | Me
Characters: Sakura Honda (fem!Japan) and Arthur Kirkland (England). England/fem!Japan, except, well . . . read on. Also Kiku Honda (Japan) is featured in some bits, and unnamed references to others.
Rating: T (throwaway allusion to/implication of sex)
Summary: Twenty minutes to takeoff and he's not coming. De-anon from the kinkmeme.
Disclaimer: Never was Himaruya-san~ Thought it was a good solution . . .
Warning: Not-so-good descriptions of a London airport, inconsistency of tense, possible inaccuracies. Some fail. Modern-day AU.

The kinkmeme prompt was any pairing in a story inspired by a quote from A Softer World, which is below the cut along with the story.

I hope you have a safe trip.Collapse )

Please do tell me what you think~! ^_^

Maybe I'm passing you by. {hetalia fanart}

How long have I left this LJ update-less? XD;;

So, currently at college having one of my hours-long breaks. I'm using this time to upload something I drew some days ago. And also I tried something a bit different for this one~!

I have come for the Beekeeper.Collapse )

Please tell me what you think! ^__^

More poem pieces! {poetry break II}

I-it's been a while, hasn't it? ^^;

And because poem pieces are just too fun. XD

A ConcertCollapse )

Once again, ambiguity and free interpretation are fun tools. ^^

Please do tell me what you think~!

Teacups and Pocketwatches:

First piece of news: I've graduated a few days ago! I'm officially out of high school now, and will start college come summer. It's a bit nerve-wracking just thinking about it! @__@ A-anyhow.

In other news, got another piece of art to share today! ^^ I've been trying to discover new songs to listen to some days back, and got into a few songs by Icelandic singer Björk. One of the songs by her that I really like is one from her newest album Biophilia, entitled 'Moon'. And then I got an idea.

La LunaCollapse )

Please do tell me what you think! ^^

Writer's Block: The Fifth Dimension

If you could enter any fictional realm, which would it be?
Wonderland, of course~!

Though I'd like to go to Oz and Asteroid B-612, too.

Teacups and Pocketwatches:

My final exams (last one before I finally graduate!) are on, so you're not going to see much from me other than this post for a while. I hope you all do well while I'm gone, and wish me luck~! \(^o^)/

In other news, I have another piece of art to share~! I drew it just yesterday, and I'm more or less okay with how it turned out. :) And it's colored!

WARNING: Spoilers for The Path ahead. Also, really long explanation.

Deep inside, everybody is a dream.Collapse )

Please do tell me what you think! ^^

I should be studying.
Ahh, my poetry muse and my shipping muses went and collaborated, it seems~!

Compilation Title: Of Love and Other International Connections
Author: naturethezafara | Me
Pairings: Lithuania/Belarus, England/Japan, Greece/Japan, Latvia/Liechtenstein, Spain/Belgium, Austria/Hungary, Canada/Ukraine
Rating: K+, at most
Summary: Seven brief tales of lovers and sort-of lovers, told in verse and accompanied by song.
Disclaimer: Nope, Hetalia will never be mine. I am not any of the musicians whose names are dropped and whose lyrics are used, either.
Warnings: Um, cheesiness? Maybe fail on my part, too as always. OTL Also, Poem II has a word entirely in capslock, and Poem V has Google Translate Spanish/French. My apologies.

Oh, 'tis love, 'tis love, that makes the world go round!Collapse )

I'll be putting the poems up separately on dA soon (and I might discuss each poem in full there as well), so if you'd like, you could look out for those, too.

Please do tell me what you think~! ^_^ <3
Grah, I think I need to sleep earlier at night. My head's been hurting for the past few days and I've been feeling sleepy a lot in class lately. x__x Anyway.

In happier news, I have another small collection of doodles over the past day and today. I feel like I'm getting back into the drawing vibe a bit~! ^_^

Of color, fanfic ideas, realizations, genderbends and Regina SpektorCollapse )

Please do tell me what you think~! ^^; <3

Writer's Block: Poetry Break

Write a poem or share one that you like.
Hooray for poems! XD I've been wanting to write some for quite a while. Word Salad ahoy!

Uncommon NonsenseCollapse )

Most of these have stories behind them, but ambiguity and free interpretation is fun.

Please do tell me what you think~! <3

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